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CBT in Practice Managing Depression 2020

Depression is the ‘common cold’ of mental disorders and a leading cause of disability worldwide according to the World Health Organisation. This workshop provides training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for low mood. ‘CBT’ refers to an effective group of treatments recommended for mild, moderate, severe and complex cases. Cognitive therapy helps patients modify unhelpful patterns of thinking. Behaviour therapy breaks the vicious cycle of doing less through behavioural ‘activation’. Mindfulness involves awareness – being able to see negative thoughts as ‘just’ thoughts without getting involved. You will learn how to use these techniques in everyday practice, in an individual or team based setting. Content includes: • CBT Overview: What is it? Who is suitable? • NICE guidelines for depression • Five areas assessment: breaking vicious cycles • Behavioural
Tel: 020 3701 2611
Website: https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/events/conferences/detail/2020/04/30/default-calendar/cbt-in-practice-managing-depression-2020
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