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Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits

Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits London 2021 Monday, 12 April 2021 - Tuesday, 13 April 2021​​​​​​​ The Royal College of Physicians, London, United Kingdom. The Scientific Committee has announced that the 22nd annual 'Cardiology, Diabetes & Nephrology at the Limits' meeting will be held in London during Monday, 12 April 2021 - Tuesday, 13 April 2021 at the Royal College of Physicians. This annual meeting continues to set new standards in medical education for these closely linked disease areas and a world class faculty will again present and discuss leading edge developments in their specialities. The meeting is supported and endorsed by 'the Lancet' medical journal and its Editor-in-Chief, Dr Richard Horton. The event is also supported by Brigham & Women's Hospital and their leading clinicians Dr Peter Libby & Dr Marc Pfeffer. As with all 'At the Limits' meetings, attendance will be strictly limited to maintain the intimate atmosphere and to engender the fierce discussion and debate which has become the hallmark of these events. Professor Yellon commented 'for many years we ran these events separately, but the cross-over is now more distinct than ever and it has become advantageous to combine the educational aspects of the meetings.
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