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Child public health and social paediatrics 2020

Child public health and social paediatrics is organized by Imperial College London and will be held from May 18 - 19, 2020 at St Mary's Hospital, London, England, United Kingdom. Target Audience: This course will benefit paediatricians, GPs, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals involved in Child Health. As the course is a multi-professional program, students will develop an understanding of how their own individual behaviors, and those of the teams within which they work, can have a significant influence on the quality of care delivered. Course Aims: To support the development of competencies in child public health and social paediatrics in professional curricula. Learning Objectives: • Describe how child health has changed in the past 100 years in UK and worldwide • Describe a determinants framework of child health which can be used both in clinical practice and epidemiological research • Appreciate the value of Children’s Rights and give examples of their use in advocacy and service provision • Compare and contrast diagnosis in clinical and child public health practice • List the main techniques used in child public health practice • Describe the various levels of safeguarding • Formulate plans in relation to different social paediatric case scenarios
Website: emedevents.com/c/medical-conferences-2020/child-public-health-and-social-paediatrics-2020
Sponsor: Imperial College