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Clinical and Educational Supervisor Training

This one day course is ideal for doctors who would be involved in supervising psychiatrists in training. It will therefore be most relevant to current and aspiring Clinical and Educational Supervisors including Consultants, Specialty Doctors and Specialist Registrars approaching CCT. This course will provide you with a solid grounding in the structure of PG psychiatric training and the roles played by key governing and commissioning organisations. By competing the course you will have gained a strong understanding of the role of supervisor and the main principles, teaching methods and processes involved. Course learning objectives Able to describe the structure of PG psychiatric training Able to describe the organisation, governance and commissioning roles of GMC , the RCPsych, HEE, LETB etc Able to describe and differentiate Educational/Clinical supervisory roles of the trainer Aware of relevant key GMC, RCPsych, HEE documents Able to describe the structure of the RCPsych curriculum Able to describe key concepts/principles of workplace based learning Understand the importance of Induction, clear objective setting , shared expectations and regular supervision for better: Patient safety, Patient experience, Clinical/educational outcomes New Junior Doctors contract and Supervisors Understand recent developments in Foundation Year and GP curricula Be able to describe the mental health components of FY and GP curricula Able to describe and differentiate summative and formative assessments Able to describe RCPsych recommended WPBAs and their roles Able to describe ARCP process, elements and required documentation and be familiar with RCPsych Portfolio online ( will see it in action) Able to describe some principles of adult learning/teaching methods Able to describe and practice some principles of effective feedback methods Able to describe well known ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of giving feedback Able to recognise signs and symptoms of a trainee in difficulty Understand potential causes of difficulty for trainees Able to form an appropriate management plan for the trainee making use of available resources as necessary
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