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Hands-on Cardiac Morphology

This original course has been running for over 25 years and is firmly established as an important part of postgraduate cardiology, paediatric cardiology, and cardiac surgery training. The feature unique to this course is the hands-on component guided by a team of experienced tutors from several clinical subspecialties who are also experts in cardiac morphology. The practical sessions provide participants with hands-on examination of the heart malformations to view from the perspective of their own sub-specialties e.g. imaging or surgery. Didactic lectures are conducted using live video demonstrations, allowing interaction between participants and lecturers. Starting with the essentials of normal structure followed by simple defects and common conditions before more complex and challenging conditions, the course takes participants through the entire spectrum of congenital heart malformations. The course is suitable for all levels of healthcare professionals. All participants receive a copy of the colour illustrated hand-book at the beginning of the course.
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Sponsor: Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


National Heart & Lung Institute
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