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Palliative care Outcome Scale Workshop 2020

This two day workshop aims to introduce and support the use of the Palliative care Outcome Scale (POS) family of measures in clinical, research and care settings. During the event, there will be interactive sessions, seminars, Q&A sessions on implementation of POS family of measures for informing care, evaluating interventions, services and influencing policies. Several informative sessions will cover the background, challenges and opportunities of patient-centred measurement in clinical practice and research. The attendees will hear about recent experiences from the field, and address administration, scoring, development, validation of the measures including principles of sample selection, analysis and interpretation of data. They will also hear about how outcome data could be used to improve care, understand effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions and services and policy. The call for abstracts is now open if you would like to share your experience of using POS family of measures in your practice and setting, please consider submitting an abstract. The POS family of measures consists of the Palliative care Outcome Scale (POS), the Integrated POS (IPOS), African POS (APCA) and POS Symptom (POS-S). POS measures assesses physical symptoms, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, and needs for information and support. Culturally adapted and translated versions of POS measures are also available in more than twelve languages. There are disease specific, generic and integrated versions available for use such as Integrated POS (IPOS) for Dementia (IPOS-Dem), Myeloma-specific version of the POS (MyPOS), specific version for renal patients (IPOS-Renal).
Website: kcl.ac.uk/events/palliative-care-outcome-scale-workshop-2020
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