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Summer School: Surgical and Interventional Engineering

The operating theatre of the future The operating theatre of the future will interconnect classical medical imaging and navigation technology with novel molecular-level imaging sensors and dexterous actuators on a high-speed network bus to leverage interoperability, off-site computational capabilities, and BigData streams thereby delivering AI-based intraoperative decision support and surgical assistance. This upcoming MedTech domain of cognitive sensor-guided surgery requires multi-disciplinary collaboration between hardware engineers, software engineers, and clinical scientists that understand the intricacies of the instruments and navigation technology that interlink within an operating theatre network. Further, to enable downstream translation of the research, these scientists must be capable of working effectively within an environment that respects and understands the constraints that surgical applications impose. Surgical and Interventional Engineering (SIE) Surgical and Interventional Engineering (SIE) is an integral part of endeavours to achieve cognitive sensor-guided robotically assisted surgery. SIE encompasses interventional planning making use of AI and computational modelling, and the development of miniature surgical tools and imaging instrumentation for safe and effective navigation and manipulation. SIE research aims to optimise surgery and intervention for timely, personalised, and cost-effective therapies in the operating theatre of the future. The School involves invited lectures, hands-on demonstrations, workshops on medical device development, and mini-projects for familiarisation with the process of engineering innovation in surgery and intervention. The Summer School include a series of lectures on the topics of novel instrumentation for optimal surgery, and navigation algorithms for precise interventions. Further, it include hands-on projects using state-of-the-art surgical equipment ranging from imaging systems to robots. Our Summer School will educate post-graduate research (PGR) students and research professionals on both technical and clinical advances in Surgical and Interventional Engineering. It will allow participants to interact with scientists from the international community and to engage with world renowned experts in a diverse range of topics on Instrumentation Technologies for Personalised Treatments, and Navigation Technologies for Precision Medicine. This course is for post-graduate students, and research professionals from academia and industry working on the domain of Surgical and Interventional Engineering and aligned domains (e.g. Medical Imaging, Computer-Assisted Interventions, Instrumentation and Robotics).
Website: kcl.ac.uk/events/summer-school-surgical-and-interventional-engineering
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