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The clinical version of Present State Examination: a one day course in psychopathology and the gold standard mental state examination

All psychiatric doctors would benefit from this course which covers all aspects of psychopathology in a day in considerable depth. Core trainees would benefit especially as this course builds basic clinical skills. However higher trainees and psychiatry trainers would also benefit by getting an infrastructure for teaching psychopathology which could be spread to other regions, most suitably as part of an MRCPsych course. Learning objectives To have a clear view of psychopathology definitions covering core symptoms in psychiatric conditions. Getting familiar with the PSE questions for asking and exploring for psychiatric symptomatology. To help psychiatry trainees sharpen their skills for CASC stations which explore psychopathology and focus on mental state examination.
Tel: 020 3701 2615
Website: https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/events/conferences/detail/2020/04/17/default-calendar/present-state-examination-course
Sponsor: Royal College of Psychiatrists


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