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The essence of co-production; authenticity, mutuality, vulnerability, integrity, humility, positivity, courage and curiosity

Learn about and engage in some core aspects of co-production. This is both a learning and experiential day, sharing examples of good practice from across the country and discussing what a human rights based approach might look like. We will try to understand together how we can develop cultures that involve co-sensing, co-creating/designing, acknowledging, affirming and collaborating as equals. The day should also help you understand better how you could engage co-production in your local services and involve all participants in the process. CO-PRODUCTION - - a process or a product? This inaugural co-production conference will not only showcase some of the excellent work going on around co-production it will provide exploratory, supportive space for people interested in embedding co-production in their relationships, in their practice, in their services design and delivery. The conference will aim to help individuals understand the process behind co-production - the highs/lows, the risks/the values, the time/resources/benefits and the necessity/governance now enshrined in mental health /human rights legislation around embedding co-production into care/policy/teaching/training/medical practice. How do we embed authentic co-production, co-sensing in a way that improves relationship/care and service improvement whilst acknowledging fears/threats/lack of knowledge around governance and risk. It is an opportunity for All Faculty Members, interested parties and participants to come together and co-sense/co-design and co-produce pathways that work for all People centred environments ….. co-creating authentic caring pathways for each of us together. This conference is of interest to anyone with an interest in co-production. This conference will offer you space to explore your ideas, worries, thoughts and learn more around the essence of authentic co-production.
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