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UCL IDH Conference: Making high quality digital health a reality for patients

What should we be doing to facilitate high quality digital healthcare? The digital health field is rapidly evolving, and there is policy support for it within the NHS, but innovation has been patchy, with some areas forging ahead and some areas neglected. This conference aims to give an overview of where we are now with a digital NHS, and to discuss what’s needed to realise the potential of interactive patient-facing digital health innovations. The conference will bring together different stakeholders in the digital health field, to facilitate collaborations for learning, innovation and research. Find out about what the NHS needs (and doesn’t need) in terms of patient-facing digital health the opportunities and challenges for patient-facing digital innovation for health explore collaboration opportunities
Tel: 020 7679 2000
Website: http://events.ucl.ac.uk/event/event:k5t-jdkesc5k-bj9i3z/ucl-idh-conference-making-highquality-digital-health-a-reality-for-patients
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University College London
Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT
Tel: 020 7679 2000