About us


How it all started

Doctor in the House was established over 32 years ago, and our organisation has grown from small beginnings, built on our valued reputation and personal recommendations.
It all started when one of our founders was attending a conference, and hearing that a doctor had nowhere to stay, found the perfect accommodation at one of her friend’s house. On discovering the lack of comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation for clinicians staying in London, Doctor in the House began. From there we have flourished and the business has developed as our network of Hosts has steadily grown by word of mouth and recommendation.

What makes us unique

We are a small business dedicated to finding accommodation in private homes and apartments, conveniently located for travelling to major medical institutions.
What sets us apart from our competitors is that we personally visit every homestay and flat that we represent to ensure their suitability. We value the long-lasting relationships that we develop with each of our hosts, and it is with this insight that we are able to match a prospective Guest with the right accommodation.
Our accommodation is chosen with you in mind, and while many of our Hosts are centrally located, we also represent accommodation that is further out of the city but close to particular medical institutions. So rather than paying over the odds for central accommodation and then travelling out of town to one of the larger hospitals, we can find you affordable accommodation in a quiet residential area close to your place of work.
We provide a bespoke service and will choose the accommodation that is just right for you. So if you need to comply with special dietary requirements, have an allergy or need to be close to a specific religious centre, we will endeavour to find you accommodation that’s best suited to your needs.
We offer the benefit of years of experience and will do all the hard work for you, finding the right host, making the booking and giving you plenty of information on transport links and amenities in your Host’s area ahead of your arrival.