Doctor in the House Accommodation COVID-19 Update: 

We remain dedicated to providing our service.

Doctor in the House has been working hard for the past 35 years, providing accommodation to doctors, clinicians and medical professionals from all over the globe. These Guests come to the U.K to learn, to teach or to collaborate with teams here whilst staying in the homes of our fabulous and ever growing family of Hosts, and we now reach an unprecedented time, not just in Doctor in the House’s history but also the wider world.
The Corona virus outbreak and subsequent pandemic are a stark reminder of the cruelties of life, but also a reminder to us of Doctor in the House’s role, albeit modest, supporting our Guests to ensure they are able to work in London safely at the hospitals bearing the brunt of this pandemic.

We are in contact with hospital trusts in the U.K, working to find solutions to help out in this hour of need. As a small business we know that our contribution may be minor but we remain resolutely bound to the National Health Service and the worldwide medical community to do our best, and to provide a personal and comfortable service from beginning to end, and we will not change that, even in times of crisis.

We urge you to follow the government guidelines, for now we must stay indoors to be safe, but let us not forget that we are in the midst of an incredibly difficult period and in times like this we must think of the future as well as the present.
London is home to hundreds of world famous hospitals and ground breaking institutes, after Corona virus has departed they will remain, as will Doctor in the House where we will continue supporting medical and academic visitors from the hospitals and institutions of Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australasia.

Without their amazing work our world cannot progress and cannot strive to find cures or vaccines, it remains this which drives us forward.