Homestay Accommodation


Doctor in the House and our wonderful Hosts have been accommodating visiting Doctors and professionals in Homestay accommodations for over 35 years, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about what a homestay is, how they work, and why they are such a brilliant alternative to hotel or hostel accommodations!


What is a Homestay?

In simple terms, a homestay is a stay in a spare room of a private family home which is offering short to long term accommodation to paying Guests. Quite a straightforward concept really but there is so much more to it!

Guests will have their own bedroom and generally have shared access to other areas around the house like the living and dining rooms or the garden or kitchen.

These spaces will be shared with the Host or Hosts who will be living in the home with the Guests.

The Hosts may be a whole family, a couple – young or old or perhaps a single person, in any case, they will be the ones welcoming you to their home and on hand to introduce you to your new surroundings.

Why choose a Homestay?

One of the main reasons that people all over the world choose Homestays is because of the value for money you can find. The majority of Homestays offer a sliding scale with regards to rates, meaning that the longer you stay, the cheaper the accommodation becomes per night.

This can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for a medium to long term place, particularly in the world’s big cities where hotel prices can be extremely expensive, especially as most hotel chains don’t operate different rates for longer periods of stay.

Not only are prices cheaper but very frequently homestays will be in a more ideal location for its Guests. As an example, Doctor in the House picks its Hosts with a close eye on the location, the majority of our Guests are working in Hospitals, so we make sure to check travel times to Hospitals across the city and accept new Hosts accordingly, and that’s why all of our Homestays are well located for London’s Hospitals and institutions. If public transport isn’t your thing then this is a huge plus point!




Hotels and Hostels are often situated on main roads or in characterless buildings in busy neighbourhoods that local people don’t live in. In homestay accommodation, you will likely be staying in residential areas, which are generally much safer and with more space to breath.

You will also find that residential neighbourhoods prove more convenient for your needs. You are much more likely to be close to local grocers, cafes, and restaurants than in busy central business districts where many hotels congregate.

As we all know dining out is a wonderful treat, but after a few days it can take a toll on your bank balance, fortunately, a stay in most homestays will provide you with the benefit of access to a kitchen.

If you’re staying for an extended period or even just a few days, kitchen access can prove incredibly useful, and of course, you will be saving yourself a pretty penny at the same time.


Most hotels see thousands of visitors a year and see their patrons as customers and therefore cannot create a real relationship with them, this results in many travellers finding hotels and travelling to be a rather lonely place.

One key reason to elect to stay in a homestay is for the chance to live and have interactions with locals.

This is perfectly reflected in the feedback we get from Doctor in the House Guests who frequently note how warm and helpful their Host was and how their friendliness was a highlight of their stay. 

With local knowledge and knowhow, our Hosts will be able to aid you in many aspects of your stay in London, whether it be the best bus route to King’s Cross, the tastiest fish & chip shop in Kensington or the nearest pharmacy or nail salon, our Hosts are always happy to help.

And for those of us who struggle to adapt to a new place or with homesickness, a friendly face greeting you at your chosen accommodation is hugely comforting and may just help to settle your nerves!


We could go on listing more positives about homestays but we think you get the idea, though one final benefit to remember is that the majority of Homestays come with no extra charges, that mean Wi-Fi, breakfast, and clothes washing facilities are all part of the package, something that hotels and B&B’s often charge extortionate rates for, and when you’re already paying for accommodation we believe something as basic as Wi-Fi should be free.

Our Doctor in the House bookers will be delighted to arrange your next stay in one of our wonderful homestay accommodations. Find out more