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BHI EE - Introduction to Health Informatics

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of modern health-focused informatics research. The course will delve into problems intrinsic to the domain, as well as general questions of how informatics techniques can help alleviate them, enabling the re-use o improve workflow and care. This 3-day course is open to a range of student backgrounds to serve as an introductory component of medical and health informatics and the diverse issues related to electronic medical records, public health research and eHealth. In this course, students will understand the major issues related to applying informatics techniques to the medical domain as well as the challenges faced by researchers working on medical records today. The students will also have obtained hands-on experience through analysis of case studies the advantages and challenges of applying health informatics techniques in various clinical and medical settings.
Website: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/events/bhi-ee-introduction-to-health-informatics


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