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Basic Surgical Skills (Intercollegiate BSS)

Basic Surgical Skills is an intensive two-day course designed to provide essential foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in key surgical skills areas such as suturing, knot-tying, and tissue handling. This course is particularly relevant for trainees interested in a surgical career, though it is open to a diverse audience of health professionals. So, whether you're a medical professional, healthcare practitioner, or simply seeking to enhance your surgical skills, Basic Surgical Skills will teach you what you need to get a head start on your career goals. Course Highlights: Day 1: Covers fundamental skills such as knot-tying, instrument handling, and suturing techniques as well as practical skills like skin lesion removal, ligation/transfixion, and tissue handling. Day 2: Advance your skills in knot-tying, assisted abdominal closure, vascular surgery principles, tendon repair, skin suturing and introduces endoscopic surgery techniques. Benefits: Prepare you for your Core Surgical Training interviews and MRCS part B exams. Enhance your performance in operating theatres. Aligned with GMC Capabilities in Practice Framework and Foundation Curriculum High-Level Outcomes.
Website: https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/education-and-exams/courses/search/basic-surgical-skills-intercollegiate-bss/


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