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Evelina London Gait Analysis Course 2020

Programme overview Learning to walk and maintaining walking ability are important aspects of human function. Gait analysis is the study of human walking. Many universities, hospitals and private institutions have instrumentation to measure walking but there are few courses available to teach clinicians and researchers the developmental, neurological and muscular physiology and mechanics of walking to help them interpret their data. This course will provide the attendees with an understanding of the factors that influence walking, and the knowledge required to interpret clinical gait data through a mixture of lectures and workshops, including case study discussions and the opportunity to observe a patient volunteer undergoing gait analysis in our gait laboratory. The Evelina London Gait Course will bring together experts in biomechanics, physiology, orthopaedics and physiotherapy to form a unique faculty. The course will take place over 3 days. Learning outcomes Relevant knowledge of the development of human walking An understanding of key biomechanical and clinical measurement concepts An overview of gait analysis techniques and associated data to facilitate interpretation Ability to interpret and report clinical data according to an opinion-evidence model
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Sponsor: Guy's and St Thomas NHS Trust


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